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Romantic Ekaterinburg women

Anyone who has ever visited Ekaterinburg notes local beauties' extraordinary beauty, elegant gait and grace. Men dedicate songs to them, men are willing to make much of them, so Russian ladies are loved and cherished.

There are several factors that have influenced ekaterinburg bride's appearance and character. First of all, it's climate, geographical position, historically formed economy type. Ural is quite a remote area with harsh continental climate, it is at Europe and Asia crossroads. Accordingly, people are historically oriented on overcoming difficulties associated with climate and hard work.

It is believed that lasses in this region look like Scandinavians, Finns, Mongol women. Actually, it's true. Ural is a kind of world's crossroads. Light, dark, small, tall, stocky - all these are Ekaterinburg ladies. Main thing that distinguishes them from other Russian women - tenacity, strength, inner harmony, self-discipline.

Due to climate and small amount of heat from the sun, ekaterinburg females are tall; they have fair skin, broad nose, narrow eyes. There are more romantics among local women.

Inhabitants of Ural capital are less mercantile, they have higher ability for creating healthy harmonious relationships. There is more peace of mind in them. They have a great desire for creating a family. They are ready to leave their hometown and move to any part of the world searching for a decent partner. They know how to cook, they are stylish, always take care of themselves.

Traditions of Ekaterinburg women, interesting facts

Divination is favorite Christmastide entertainment for them. It has appeared from people's desire to somehow predict future, influence it. Over the years, only youth, especially girls, take interest in divination.

Girls told fortunes at Christmastide time:

Whether they will get married this year? - In dead of night, when all households sleep soundly, females, in strictest silence, bring a rooster into the house. If it goes to the table, it means that girl will get married, if rooster will retire from house, she will still be unmarried.

Bachelor or widower? - Girls secretly left their house, going to lath fence or hedge, and, clasping it with both hands, began sorting it out with one hand, saying quietly: "bachelor, widower, bachelor, widower" - if fence ends at bachelor, it means that girl will meet such a man.

Where does girl's soul mate live? - For finding it out, females used shoes. In what direction the end of the shoe points, there female's future husband lives.

To find out their fate, women used candle wax. Formed figures predicted future: Church was for wedding, hole or cave - for death.

The most common kind of fortunetelling was guessing on a saucer. Girls put their rings in a saucer and covered it with handkerchief, singing songs. After singing a song, saucer was shaken and fortuneteller randomly picked one of the rings. Song was dedicated to its owner, telling fortune.

The most interesting but also most terrifying was guessing with a mirror and a candle. Girl looked through candle's flame in the mirror, sometimes it was possible to see something there. Ladies usually read fortune during Christmas time, until Epiphany.

How to find Ekaterinburg women for dating?

Such beautiful and unusual lasses certainly cause the liveliest interest in almost all European men. Their mildness, softness, acquiescence, ability to love, make them the most desired women, so many grooms are registering on dating sites for getting acquainted with them. Where you can find a lot of beautiful ladies, start communicating with them and see who your soul mate is.

All women for dating want only one thing - female happiness. Show them seriousness of your intentions and they will be ready to follow you anywhere!

How to date Ekaterinburg women for marriage? Their dreams of love

In Ekaterinburg, as in most Russian cities, female population exceeds male one. As an example, here is data on January 1, 2015. The population of Ural capital is 1 million 461 thousand 372 people. City population distribution by gender: 56% - women, 44% - men. Considering the fact that many Russian men don't want to take responsibility for the family, lasses have to look for grooms in other countries through marriage agency.

Everything became very simple due to dating sites. If you really want to be united in marriage with these lasses, just use marriage agency's services and you will definitely find happiness!


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