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Mystical beauty of Kazan Women

Kazan is a city of dreams for tourists. You will never forget this city, you will never regret strolling it. Hundreds of colorful lights reveal fabulous, wonderful world! You can walk forever through Kazan streets without feeling tired. Kazan is large city with developed infrastructure, which fascinates with its beauty. There are many fountains, forests, parks, other attractions that draw tourists there. And, of course, there are many kazan women.

Why kazan women are so special and unusual

Kazan women try to dress fashionably, follow fashion trends, devote much time to their appearance, image. Remembering traditional clothes, it could be said that Tatar always liked to look pretty, be bright, they preferred embroidery, various prints.

These girls' beauty is amazing. Here you can meet not only brunettes, but also blondes. Unusual appearance, striking with its amazing alluring charisma, makes many European men go in search of their dreams.

These ladies honor their national traditions; they usually get married early and create a family with many children. But most of young Kazan girls, experts say, seek to succeed in life first.

Such girl loves bright colors and lots of jewelry. Most of them use cosmetics. In Kazan, women like classic femininity.

These ladies can be divided into two groups. There are girls with Muslim roots, who honor tradition, who have been brought up in traditional families. The most important things for them is to get married, become a guardian of the hearth, respect her husband. The basis of character - modesty, obedience, diligence. Nowadays lasses are more Europeanized. Profession, establishing contacts, realization in life are basis for them. Different networks, an ability to travel abroad contributes this now. In any case, lasses from this city are soft, kind, attentive, hospitable. They are willing to do anything for family. All such girls cook perfectly. They honor family values, respect their husband. By nature they are gentle, patient, compliant.

Wedding Traditions of women from kazan

Tatar wedding is a very spectacular, symbolic celebration, it shows all Tatar people identity.

Certainly, modern Tatar wedding differ from their ancient weddings, but many couples still observe all traditions and customs of this celebration. Tatar wedding peculiarity is its unusual scenario, congratulations, ceremonial table richness.

Newly wedded couple usually sits at the head of festive table; bride and groom's family sit around them. All guests are introduced to each other, then toastmaster is chosen. Congratulations, toasts, humor, songs - everything is on him.

Snacks, fruit, vegetables are traditionally put on the table. Hot dishes such as soup, pilaf, meat with carrots and onions are usually served too. Drinks: vodka, stewed fruit, tea.

Towards night, bride and groom are dancing their first dance. It is impossible to see modern dance - couple prefers national dances with beautiful choreography.

After a celebratory feast, newlyweds should go to bath-house. Basis of this tradition - belief in cleansing power of water. Also, special pancakes are usually baked for son in law. He should eat pancakes and quietly put a coin in plate. Wedding ends with wife's moving into husband's house.

Tips: How and where to find kazan women for dating

Magical beauty of Tatar women, their gentle nature, acquiescence, mildness has won all hearts. That is why European men dream of finding soul mate in this city. Nowadays, the most popular dating method is online dating. Only here you can effortlessly find the most beautiful Tatar nationality representatives, who are admired by men and force their heart to beat faster.

It's simple to sign up on such site and find women for dating. You can find many beautiful brides who will be happy to chat with you, and may be this chatting will eventually grow into deep feelings.

How to date kazan women for marriage? What are they thinking of?

Modern women want more freedom and respect from men, therefore, they start looking for a groom at marriage agency. You can find beautiful, well-educated young women who dream of marrying European man on such dating sites. These ladies want strong relationships, stability, love, just like European men.

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