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Even Alexander Pushkin gave his view of Russian wife, presenting it at world famous novel "Eugene Onegin". Tatiana Larina - his vision of an ideal fairer sex representative. Although she's a fictional character, writer has still managed to clearly show image of perfect woman who needs to be loved and respected.

Trying to understand why Russian wives are so perfect

The more I look at nuclear family, the more I am convinced that European and Russian together can create a balanced version of harmonious family, where everyone gets as many rights, duties, privileges, as a person can take without harming another. Man in such a family is its head, he is responsible for family as a whole. Woman, in this sense, is covered, even though she has all responsibilities for childcare. Western man, accustomed to equal partnership, keeps up with Orthodox traditions, which increases his self-esteem. He has more power and respect, perfect wife declines unbearable burden of responsibilities and gets chance for normal life, taking care of children, house, but with great condescension, care and support.

Amazing wives, what is she like? Russian classic heroines sink into the mind with their beauty, strength and endurance (if not physical, then spiritual, like wives of a Decembrist), determination, dedication, self-sacrificing love. Their body and soul became hardened with centuries-old ball-breaker. However, these wives took all adversities for granted: submissively, meekly and humbly. Achieved equality didn't diminish problems, more like added responsibilities. New life requires not only dealing with family but also working, enhancing career, material well-being. It, in no way, eliminates household duties.

The main thing. How to find perfect russian wife - five tips for men?

In order to find perfect lady, it is necessary to register on international agency site or live in another country for some time. Since a trip to a foreign country can be associated with a number of inconveniences and even dangers, online dating is still the best option. When European men say they dream about bride from russia, they should understand they'll have to make some effort not expecting for an instant results. Be patient, because you choose girlfriend for life! So, here are some tips that will help you in searching:
  • There is no need to get acquainted at random. It is not necessary to offer your hand and heart to all successively, looking at reaction, choosing a bride from those who agree. Define and communicate with several wives, try to find out more about them. Russian wives are very gentle, trusting, they fall in love quickly. They trust their own feelings, so it's easy to believe that they're loved and that you are going to make a proposal.
  • Take a look at what she writes in their social networks, who her friends are, what are her interests. Before you make the right choice, look, think. Warm-heartedness isn't just a quality of character, it's Slavic wife's mission, her destiny. In poet's understanding - she is a pure soul, a gentle and reverent heart, and only then the outer beauty.
  • Don't rely only on perfect wife's appearance. The first thing to find out whether she can love, does she love children, whether she's tidy, whether she's ready to respect your opinion? These qualities are essential in marriage.
  • Try to win her trust. If you know that you like her, you can prove your feelings with Russian mail order wife a bouquet of flowers or a small gift.
  • Try to meet her in person to understand that exactly she is your soul mate and decide on further action.

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